Is your professional or executive team expected to deliver extraordinary results?

You lead a team of mostly super-stars but suspect that communication issues and some weaker links may be hampering results.

You have visions of how things could be but could use expert guidance about how and where to start – and how to do so in an encouraging, team-building way.

Professional/Executive Teams

What Your Issues Tend To Be

  • Is your team functioning without a clear vision or mission?
  • Is morale low?
  • Are you struggling to contain the effects of gossip and other “personal” issues?

The Results You Are Looking For

  • You want your team to operate at its next level and meet or exceed its targets.
  • You want your team to enjoy working together.
  • You want your team to engage in positive and constructive debate that quickly produces the best ideas and the most strategic courses of action.

What You Need Most Right Now

Using a combination of emotional intelligence, advanced communication skills and a knowledge of what makes or breaks a team – I can help you diagnose what has your team under-performing and create a retreat or team-building workshop to catalyze extraordinary results.

The recommended coaching program is the Team Retreat.

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