Self Employed

You don’t like to think about it too much but sometimes you wish you had your 9-5 life back.

You can hardly believe that YOU (of all people) think that but sometimes it is true.

You are still passionate about your work and how you have your life set up and wouldn’t actually go back but there are things that you miss, like… a clear end to the work-day, paid-for-benefits and not always having to secure your own sales.

It also gets a little lonely sometimes and chatting with the UPS guy is nice but doesn’t cut it. You feel guilty for excessively thinking about work and wish that you could be more focused on your family but it is really hard to “turn it off.” You are tired of second-guessing how you prioritize work and life … and let’s not even talk about vacations.

Most Powerful Life Successfully Self-Employed…

helps you reign in all the “squiggly parts” and supports you in putting the puzzle together in your own unique way. Not everyone’s life needs to look the same and we will finish the work that you probably started a while back. Most self-employed creatives get busy with their actual work and over time start to forget some of the original plan ~ the plan for themselves, their career and their families. It may be time to check back in ~ adjust the original plan or reinvent it to match the person you are today. We will identify your needs and desires and create well-thought-out, actionable plans that will reignite your personal and professional flames. And, yes, we will talk vacations!