The most important measure of success continues to be the satisfaction of my clients. I chose this career, on purpose, and dedicate myself to calling forth the greatness that exists in each of my clients, and I believe, in all of us. I plan to do this work for a very long time!

— Coach Marlene

I want my career to soar AND to fall in love again. Is that possible?

“I have gotten so much out of working with Marlene in ALL areas of my life. Marlene’s approach opened up doorways to my healing. Fresh from the divorce process, she led me in forgiving and moving forward with clarity. The way her coaching is set up is somewhat magical, I have never met Marlene in person, and I feel so very close to her. Marlene has the ability to ‘fine tooth comb’ a situation to bring just what is needed to smoothly get on with living dreams and forgiving and being who we are!!! “Woohoo” I am forever grateful for her creation of Most Powerful Life. I feel a surge to be in action just from writing this testimonial, which is how I feel after each call.”

— T.W., Artist, Vocalist, Songwriter, Washington DC Metro Area

I have big dreams and goals and I want a coach who’s got my back.

“Marlene is the ultimate coach – loving, caring, compassionate yet a stand for you and whatever you say you want. Hire Marlene!”

— D.S., Civil Rights Attorney, Law Firm Partner, Washington DC Metro Area

I need a coach who can support me in turning my vision into a reality.

“Intuitive and Committed, Marlene Davis McCallum, with extraordinary listening skills and an ability to empower people into finding Their Own Voice (!) is one of the most humble and professional experts I have ever worked with. It is an honor to recommend such high caliber.”

— T.A., Physician, Author, Wellness Business Owner, Washington DC Metro Area

Can I grow my business without running myself ragged?

“As a professional coach, Marlene has an extraordinary ability to bring out the best in her clients. With an unfailingly positive approach to dealing with the toughest business and personal challenges, she roots for you while gently but firmly keeping you on track to reach the goals she helps you set. She has been coaching me for more than two years and the results are remarkable. I have seen substantial improvements not only in my business but also in my personal finances and health/well-being. I am delighted to give her my Most Powerful Recommendation.”

— B.H., Public Relations and Communications Contractor, Washington DC Metro Area

I need to see results fast to know that this is time and money well spent.

“I had never worked with a life/career coach before Marlene, so I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t get much out of the experience. I couldn’t have been more wrong! In just 8 weeks, she has helped me isolate some significant workflow and personal patterns that impact my work and emotional intelligence. Her gentle guidance is perfect for my self-reliant style, where I like to figure things out on my own. She presents a good balance of positive support and structural discipline, which was helpful in drawing out some actionable results.”

— D.T., Chief Marketing Officer, Internet Marketing Industry, Chicago, IL

Help! I’m Busy All Day Long and Not Getting the Important Stuff Done…

“I have only attended one Friday session and I am about 300% in action compared to usual. I like that there is a large teaching segment, and am learning new techniques as well as attitudes. This Peaceful Productivity Series is just what I’ve been needing… Oh, I didn’t say anything about Marlene… well she is a natural coach, with a wealth of productivity and life coach training.”
— E.F., Artist, Visual Communications Analyst, Washington DC Metro Area

I don’t want my past to define my future – I’m ready for a change!

“Working with Marlene as my Life Coach has been an amazing eye-opening and adventurous experience. She is talented, creative, skilled, intuitive and dedicated to bringing to life what is possible. The techniques I have learned have been invaluable to me and I am on my way to creating the life I have always dreamed of in a very short period of time! I feel this was a very wise investment and a generous gift to myself. Marlene is an awesome coach!!!”

— P.W., Secretary & Librarian, Ontario, Canada

I want to change careers but don’t know where to start…

“I have to say that by the second session, Marlene had already figured out why I was having a hard time reaching my goals and by the fourth, had laid out a plan to safely reach them. I am definitely looking forward to continue working with Marlene and have recommended her to my coworkers, friends and family. She’s terrific, easy to talk to, and very understanding.”

— A.B., Rockville, MD

I want to feel that my career is an expression of my larger life purpose. Is that possible?

“After the birth of my son, I found myself incredibly lost, confused, and conflicted about my choices, my new role, and my larger purpose in life. As with death, birth can turn some of us upside down and inside out. While I initially sought coaching for “a little career help,” my experience working with Marlene turned out to be much more powerful than I anticipated.

Marlene not only helped me cope with a very difficult life transition, but also guided me to reconnect with the essence of my purpose and who I am. For someone like me, who has struggled throughout life with career/calling/vocation/jobs, that means a lot. The coaching I have received, and the change I have witnessed in myself and in my life, has been nothing short of amazing.

Marlene has a way with words and a way with silence. She has a knack for asking the right questions, sharing honest feedback, acknowledging the unsung acts of greatness in her clients, and listening in a way that is right on target. When I look at my life with Marlene, I open my eyes wide, I laugh, I cry, I confess, I sometimes furiously scribble valuable notes, I stretch my thinking, I am humbled, I am grateful, and I am inspired. I now understand what it means to be “empowered” and to practice living a powerful life on purpose.

I would describe Marlene’s coaching as Olympic – a phenomenal blend of training, intuition, experience, and commitment. Thanks to Marlene’s gifted coaching and the particular philosophy of her training, I have a whole new outlook on my choices, possibilities, commitment, responsibility, and what it means to be human.

Hire Marlene if you want someone who will meet you at the level of your greatest personal challenge, your finest gifts and talents, your lowest breakdowns, and your highest potential for breakthrough and transformation.”

— L.V., Author, Health Coach, Baltimore, MD