Divorced professional women who are reinventing love or career or both.

You are a powerhouse of a woman, at least that is what you hear from everyone else. Sometimes you’re not sure if you believe it – but deep down you think your friends and family are on to something. Yet you haven’t really figured out how to “unleash it” and rock both your professional and personal life. You long to be more satisfied in your career, to feel like your contribution makes a difference and to somehow master the art of “leaving work at the office!” You are tired of your love life taking a back seat to other responsibilities but aren’t quite sure what, if anything, to do about it.

Self-employed creatives that are balancing intense personal and professional demands.

You cringe just a little when your 9-5 friends tell you “how easy it must be to work from home.” If only they knew! You have a core set of clients that you love, love, love and few that make your life way too difficult. You have thought about going back and getting a “job” on occasion but deep down you know you really want to make things work. Prioritization always seems to be an issue and you often question if you are doing the right thing, at the right time or in the right order. Balancing work and personal life doesn’t go too well and somehow “work” seems to win out. You know you need to take better care of yourself but finding the time and energy is tricky.

Professional and executive teams facing challenges that impact morale and results.

You lead a team of mostly super-stars but suspect that communication issues and some weaker links may be hampering results. You have visions of how things could be but could use expert guidance about how and where to start – and how to do so in an encouraging, team-building way.