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Divorced Professional Women

Self-Employed Creative

Create your 5 or 10-year plan — with intention, focus, and inspiration.

  • VIP Planning Session Online Intake Form
  • 1 60 minute call – overview of VIP Day objectives
  • 4 hour in person strategy and planning session
  • 1 60-minute post-VIP day implementation and action call

Leave this session with trust and confidence knowing that your next steps and actions are completely in line with your objectives.

CompletionPart 1. Completion (1-1.5 hr)

Completion exercises are key to creating a true fresh start. Using a powerful combination of questions – completion allows you to leave behind all that no longer serves you (limiting beliefs, anxieties, disempowering thoughts and emotions) and only take forward wins, useful learning, tools and skills for what is next. You can reclaim all of your energy and funnel it into the creative process ahead.

Themes and PrioritiesPart 2. Themes and Priorities (45 min)

Identify key themes and priorities for the upcoming year. Powerful visioning exercise to ensure that goals are properly aligned with your passions and commitments.

Create Yours Self EmployedMissions and Adventures (30 min)

A.k.a. – your goals! Based on your priorities and themes you will clearly articulate your missions and adventures for the coming year.

Structures and MeasuresStructures and Measures (1 hr)

Plan your work and work your plan! Working backwards from your declared end results we will map out a timeline and action plan. This will allow us to troubleshoot snafus in advance as well as create a clear roadmap for moving forward.

Plan for BreakdownsPlan for Breakdowns (30 min)

In planning for breakdowns they ultimately have less power over us and are much less destructive to our results.  By observing and distinguishing certain recurring patterns – we can create a powerful structure to have you move more quickly through “problems” “issues” and “breakdowns” and get back on track..

Well-Being Treat*Well-Being Treat*

I think such hard work deserves a treat! Massage anyone? If you are interested I can put something together or you just have to pinky promise that you will reward yourself for your great work!


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