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Food & Mood

Addie SpahrPresenter: Certified Health Coach, Addie Spahr

Description: Holistic Health and Sustainable Lifestyle Coach Addie Spahr discusses how our bodies’ reaction to what we eat can affect how we feel both physically and mentally. Simple changes in what we eat has been shown to improve: mood swings,  anxiety, panic attacks, cravings / food ‘addictions’, depression (including postnatal depression, irritable / aggressive feelings, concentration, a variety of other mental health issues. By connecting the dots of which foods alter our moods, we can be more informed eaters and as a result improve our overall health and well-being.

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Getting Organized: It’s Not About The Stuff

Janet SchieslPresenter: Certified Professional Organizer, Janet Schiesl

Description: Are you longing for a more simplified life?  Say goodbye to clutter, paper, and outdated organizational routines.  And, most importantly, learn why “getting organized” isn’t about the stuff! Download this program and make this the time to let go of what is holding you back from having the space AND the life that you crave. Janet will teach you how to set clear goals for organizing your space; how to make decisions when de-cluttering and she will take you through the ‘organizing process’ – step by step.

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A Health Coach’s Toolkit for Healthy Living & Aging

Addie SpahrPresenter: Certified Health Coach, Addie Spahr

Description: What if you had a toolkit for feeling good nearly 365 days a year, and well into the future? When we think about how life will be as we get older, mostly we are taught to focus on saving money in order to afford our lifestyles after we retire – but how many of us are making deposits into the future of our health? Prioritizing your health today will ensure that you have strength, energy and wellness to live the way you want to as you age – reducing your risk of disease and possibly even preventing it altogether. Download this program to learn what your body needs to function at its best; how to protect your body as you age; how to lessen your risk of disease and other aging-related illnesses and how to ensure you have the ability and energy to live the life you want now AND well into your retirement.

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Everyday Plants for Power: Using Plant Medicines for Health & Personal Development

Ashley LiteckyPresenter: Clinical Herbalist, Ashley Litecky

Description: In a fast-paced, high-stress world – you can never have too many allies for powerful and peaceful living! Download this one-hour program to discover the hidden treasures in “everyday plants.” In this program YOU WILL gain: A foundational understanding of herbal medicine & how plants can be used for physical, emotional & spiritual growth; A greater understanding of the digestive process & how herbal medicines & simple spices can increase digestion & nutrient assimilation; Recipes for herbal formulas to aid digestion, sleep, cravings, anxiety, and energy.

Order this video now for $19.97 / Please allow up to 2 hours for delivery.


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