Looking to reinvent love or career or both?

You are a powerhouse of a woman, at least that is what you hear from everyone else. Sometimes you’re not sure if you believe it – but deep down you think your friends and family are on to something.

Yet you haven’t really figured out how to “unleash it” and rock both your professional and personal life.

You long to be more satisfied in your career, to feel like your contribution makes a difference and to somehow master the art of “leaving work at the office!” You are tired of your love life taking a back seat to other responsibilities but aren’t quite sure what, if anything, to do about it.

Divorced Professional Women

What Your Issues Tend To Be

Are you constantly second-guessing your choices? Do you ask yourself ~ over and over ~ questions like…

  • How could I have married him?
  • How come I didn’t see who he really was or where this was all headed?
  • How did we end up here?

Are you struggling with the after-effects of infidelity ~ alternating between anger and sadness?

Are you battling loneliness but not feeling confident about dating or meeting someone new to share your life with?

The Results You Are Looking For

  • You want to be able to move on from your previous marriage and be free to create romance and love without making the same mistakes.
  • You want to feel fulfilled in your work and be able to leave it at the office.
  • You want this to be YOUR time, a new era of your life that is authentic and meaningful.

What You Need Most Right Now

Through my unique approach of compassion, healing, accountability and fun (yes we will laugh!) you will gain the clarity and direction to create your next steps toward professional success and personal fulfillment.

“I have gotten so much out of working with Marlene in ALL areas of my life. Marlene’s approach opened up doorways to my healing. Fresh from the divorce process, she led me in forgiving and moving forward with clarity. The way her coaching is set up is somewhat magical, I have never met Marlene in person, and I feel so very close to her. Marlene has the ability to ‘fine tooth comb’ a situation to bring just what is needed to smoothly get on with living dreams and forgiving and being who we are!!! “Woohoo” I am forever grateful for her creation of Most Powerful Life. I feel a surge to be in action just from writing this testimonial, which is how I feel after each call.” –T.W.

The coaching programs you will thrive in are…

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