Marlene McCallum

Professional Coach, Founder ~ Most Powerful Life

Marlene McCallum is a Professional Coach and the Founder of the popular & inspirational brand, Most Powerful Life. She specializes in empowering professional men and women to create life-altering results in the areas of love, career, joy, life purpose, and personal well-being. She is the author of several group coaching programs on time management (the Peaceful Productivity Series), results, and goal-setting (P4 Project Posse and the 10 Point Goal Inspection) and is frequently brought in to consult on workshops, group trainings, and team/corporate retreats to facilitate high impact results on both the personal and professional level.

Marlene created Most Powerful Life from her commitment to reach, train, and inspire people around the world to pursue their dreams, goals, and passions. She is on a mission to unleash the Most Powerful Life within each of us.

Marlene also enjoys nutrition, food, and cooking and has recently ventured into the vegan world! When she’s not coaching, speaking or developing new programs – you will find her spending time with her husband and daughter.

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Marlene McCallum