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You may not want to admit it but it has been a real struggle since the divorce.

Divorced Professional WomanEven though you wouldn’t change your decision – this just isn’t how you thought things would be at this stage of your life. You want to date again, to feel love and connection but right now it just feels like going through the motions and … is love really possible, anyway? You wonder how you will avoid the same mistakes and patterns – so much so – that sometimes the whole thing seems like too much work. Maybe being single forever isn’t such a bad option?

All the emotional drain has also taken a toll on your career and how much energy you have to move it in the direction you want. You have plateaued at work and that was ok for a while but you are really ready to make those changes and just need to find the energy and focus to do it. You have fits and starts but something just doesn’t feel right about it and you can’t quite put your finger on it.

Most Powerful Life After Divorce puts you back in the driver’s seat of your love life. The struggle officially ends today! And, may I just say… OF COURSE you can have love again!!! In fact, your previous marriage has made you very wise and that wisdom will serve you in creating a relationship that is fulfilling, authentic, and a match for the real you. You will be crystal clear about who you are looking for (and who you are NOT looking for) and this type of clarity will give you purpose, direction and joy in your dating experience. You won’t need to spend time dating someone you are not “totally sure about” ~ you will know the questions to ask, the conversations to have ~ and who to “leave alone.”

You will regain the trust in yourself that you have started to doubt and build a relationship that you love with someone that you are excited to be with and who you trust to be a real partner.

Most Powerful Life After Divorce emphasizes your personal well-being and supports you in restoring your energy levels to their true capacity. You will once again have the energy, desire and passion about the future of your career that you have been missing. We will be developing the future of your career and your love life and having you create plans that speak to your heart and call you to action ~ and while it may be challenging at times ~ overall these will be things you naturally want to do (not forcing yourself to do). Through healing the past and simultaneously creating the future ~ you will be able to make sense of why things turned out the way they did and even more than that … you will be grateful they did.

You don’t like to think about it too much but sometimes you wish you had your 9-5 life back.

Successfully Self EmployedYou can hardly believe that YOU (of all people) think that but sometimes it is true. You are still passionate about your work and how you have your life set up and wouldn’t actually go back but there are things that you miss, like… a clear end to the work-day, paid-for-benefits and not always having to secure your own sales.

It also gets a little lonely sometimes and chatting with the UPS guy is nice but doesn’t cut it. You feel guilty for excessively thinking about work and wish that you could be more focused on your family but it is really hard to “turn it off.” You are tired of second-guessing how you prioritize work and life … and let’s not even talk about vacations.

Most Powerful Life Successfully Self-Employed helps you reign in all the “squiggly parts” and supports you in putting the puzzle together in your own unique way. Not everyone’s life needs to look the same and we will finish the work that you probably started a while back. Most self-employed creatives get busy with their actual work and over time start to forget some of the original plan ~ the plan for themselves, their career and their families. It may be time to check back in ~ adjust the original plan or reinvent it to match the person you are today. We will identify your needs and desires and create well-thought-out, actionable plans that will reignite your personal and professional flames. And, yes, we will talk vacations!

You don’t quite fit the above descriptions ~ but something about creating YOUR Most Powerful Life… speaks to you.

Create Yours Self EmployedMaybe you just like my “flow” but, seriously,  something here has you curious about your life’s possibilities. One thing is for sure… you are done waiting for the “perfect moment” (that never announces itself!) to begin creating and enjoying your life of excellence. Let’s talk and figure out how to catalyze your dreams and how to have fun doing it!

 WellBeing_Triangle_16420956_sCreate & implement your life of excellence:

  • Personalized and consistent support to map out your path forward
  • An empowering accountability and reminders system to keep you on-track
  • Create results and success in less time by working together
  • Recordings, tools, webinars and self-study materials in-between sessions

Your personalized program will:

Increase personal well-being, peace of mind and overall satisfaction.

Personal well-being is a powerful pre-requisite for leadership as well as for taking on one’s dreams and goals. I work with my clients to improve and routinize their own well-being — physical, emotional, and spiritual — in order to create a strong foundation upon which they can build.

Identify and remove limiting beliefs.

Often times it is more than just taking the “appropriate” action that leads to results. Identifying and removing limiting beliefs is a key component to coaching. I am highly trained to listen for barriers — self-imposed or otherwise — to success. I show these “stops” to my clients in ways that are empowering and objective — allowing them to re-train their thought processes and who they know themselves to be — in such a way that they can produce results that are beyond what is predictable for them.

Clarify goals and create sustainable action plans.

Depending on where the client finds themselves, our work may be to identify and create goals or if the client is already clear on his/her goals – we launch directly into creating sustainable action plans, along with accountability and fulfillment structures.

Expand compassion and forgiveness.

While it may be common to learn to extend compassion and forgiveness to others — it is often a missing link in our relationship with ourselves. I use powerful exercises to free up my clients from guilt, self-criticism and other blocks to success and fulfillment.

Learn high-level inter-personal, communication and relationship-building skills.

I support my clients in creating powerful personal and professional relationships that are foundational and supportive of success. This includes being responsible for how they are perceived in the world, empowering uses of feedback (both giving & receiving), authentic communication, speaking to inspire, and more.

Recover quickly from setbacks.

Setbacks, disappointments and mistakes are critical to the learning process and while we all know that intellectually – those things can be overly discouraging and even cause major delays in progress and results. Through powerful conversations and exercises – I train my clients to move quickly through those setbacks, to identify lessons-learned and how to keep momentum without losing their passion and confidence.

  • Coaching Programs

  • Laser-focused support and motivation15-minute 1-1 calls
  • Personalized support on your journey45-minute 1-1 calls
  • Get coached while learning and growing with like-minded people60-minute monthly group call
  • Virtual coaching by emailOn-going accountability
  • Notes from coaching sessions, recommended practices & actions, goals and objectives, client progress, book recommendations and more.Customized goal plan
  • Connect with Marlene & like-minded peoplePrivate Facebook group
  • Featuring a wide variety of experts and topicsSpecial programs and webinars
  • On-demand audio, videos & action guidesMost Powerful Library
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