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  • De-Mystify Success: The 10 Point Goal Inspection

    Become a ‘results architect’ with the 10 building blocks of success – covered during this pre-recorded webinar.

    Order this program and we’ll also speak privately, 1-1, to discuss your specific results and objectives.

    This session is a ‘success’ self-assessment where you take your goal(s) through a 10-point goal inspection process to uncover hidden “success offenders” that are unnecessarily slowing down both you and your results.

    This session is equally effective for evaluating personal or professional goals.

    ORDER this program if:

    * You have fits and starts with a project or goal that is important to you.

    * You are frustrated with your results to date.

    * You are tired of putting in lots of effort with little return on your emotional, physical, mental and financial investments.

    * You’re not really sure if your goal is even “the right” goal for you.

    Includes the 1-hr pre-recorded webinar and a 60 minute private results analysis session (by phone).


    • $
  • Your Food AND Your Mood
    What you NEED to know to feel better NOW!


    Have you ever thought about how your food could be affecting your mood?

    Holistic Health and Sustainable Lifestyle Coach Addie Spahr, founder of Green Living Consulting, teaches us how our bodies’ reaction to what we eat can affect how we feel both physically and mentally.

    This 1-hr audio/visual presentation shows the simple changes we can make to what we eat in order to improve:


    * mood swings
    * anxiety
    * panic attacks
    * cravings / food ‘addictions’
    * depression (including postnatal depression)
    * irritable / aggressive feelings
    * concentration
    * a variety of other mental health issues

    By connecting the dots of which foods alter our moods, we can be more informed eaters and as a result improve our overall health and well-being.

    Download will be made available within 24 hrs of your purchase. This presentation will play in Windows Media Player (PC) and Quick Time (Mac).