This is Your Fastest Route to Income (HELP)

GET ONLINE FAST – Sell what you have to offer NOW to bring in cash flow for your business. List the products or services that you currently sell. Evaluate your list and determine which is the fastest route to income: the least resources – time, money and energy – for the biggest income.

Describe your Unique Selling Proposition, showing the benefits/features (HELP)

  • Never miss that important meeting because of a power outage with the self-setting clock with battery backup
  • Quickly call your best customers without effort with voice- activated dialing
  • Buy medicine when your wife is sick in the middle of the night with the 24-hour Pharmacy
  • See the happy look on your kids faces when the batteries are included with their new toy
  • Fit in the appointment at my lunchtime, without driving across town with coaching lessons by phone
 What is the COMPELLING CALL-TO-ACTION your IDEAL CLIENT should take and what’s in it for them for doing so? (HELP)